Implementing full text search with Couchbase and harnessing the power of Couchbase full text search (CBFT)

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Hey Folks.! In this blog we are going to be introduced to the Couchbase Full text search.
In my recent blog ,we talked about how we can user ElasticSearch for the full text search and how we can connect it with Couchbase so that our data gets copied in real time and we can search on it too.
But what if we do not want to persist the data at two places(Couchbase and ElasticSearch) just for implementing full text search, because it increases the cost in many ways like server cost , management cost etc.
Here comes CBFT(CouchBase full text) search to our rescue.
A cbft process creates and maintains full-text indexes using the bleve full-text indexing engine.
Please make sure to not to use it in production because it is still in its infancy stage, but yeah you can play around and explore its potentials.
So first of…

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