Our Approach to Code Quality in Scala

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Code Quality. This term has become quite a rage in the industry with more and more companies devoting more time (and money) to give a better code quality to their clients.

But why ?  Following are some of the reasons

1) Ensures an easy to read code. Yes it does that. And hence the reader does not need to pull his/her hair out(quiet literally) to understand the code.

2) Makes the code maintenance an easy task.

3) Quality code is easy to reuse.

4) Testability. A well tested code does save from sins of omission and commissions and hence ensuring you have everything that is needed.

We at Knoldus pay a lot of attention to the quality of code that we write for various projects that we have. Providing good code quality to our clients is one of our primary promise.

And that we deliver !

For one of our…

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Testability of Database using PL/SQL

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Testability is a non-functional requirement important to the testing team members and the users who are involved in user acceptance testing.

Testability is mainly depends on the degree on which software team works like

  • SRS (software requirement specification)
  • FRD (Functional Design document)
  • software system, etc.

support testing for the software application under test.

Minimum number of test cases that covers the entire testing scope without missing any requirement and covers all the test scenario that could introduce a fault or error in a software system.

it will help test the team to enhance the application in best way.

For Projects which doesn’t have GUI, It is really hard to validate the parameters saved to DB are well-formed, validated and as expected. And we don’t have a GUI to validate the same. Also, It has a scope to miss out the functional test cases by just depending on documents.


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Time Travel in Scala: CPS in Scala (scala’s continuation).

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Sometime before I was just roaming around in the landOfLisp  and I came across different spaceships of different guilds of Functional Programming that are going to save the earth from the unholy creatures: Bugs ! That degrade our software quality.

I was trying to map everything to Scala as it can also be written in a functional way. Then I came across a guild name Continuation. I was quite fascinated with this because it allowed us to travel time in our code.

So basically , continuations is a way to put “time travel” into our code.

In a more technical way ,

A continuation is an abstract representation of the control state of a computer program. So what it actually means is that it is a data structure that represents the computational process at a given point in the process’s execution; the created data structure can be…

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Couchbase : How to access and change the document of size more than 2.5Kb.

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We faced a situation were we have to firstly see the data and then change it accordingly in couchbase, but the GUI of couchbase doesn’t allows us to see the data of size more than 2.5kb and forget about changing,

Screenshot from 2015-08-07 12:36:16

So there is a quick hack of how you can actually change the data without using the GUI and just by making a curl request:

If you want to see the data :

Just make this CURL request


And you’ll get a response like this :

And inside the field json you’ get your required Json,

You can easily do this just by seeing developer console.. 😉

Now the big task i.e. If you want to change the data

So for that firstly retrieve the data from above request make changes, and then make a POST request to the same url with the new Json. It will get updated.

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Couchbase : Making views via script file automatially without using GUI.

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The problem that we faced is that we have to make views manually from the GUI of the couchbase, but it was quite a cumbersome task, so this blog is about how to make views automatically.

In this blog we’ll learn how to create a script of curl commands and just run that script for making views and the  views  will automatically get created on the couchbase server.

You do not have to make views manually now, just run a script file and it automatically gets created , so that you don’t have to make views manually on staging server and it can easily be made just by running a simple script file.

For creating a design document and views from a script file :

Firstly , you have to make a .ddoc file, the name of file should be same as that of the design document that you want…

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Creating a DSL (Domain Specific Language) using ANTLR ( Part-II) : Writing the Grammar file.

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Earlier we discussed in our blog how to configure the ANTLR plugin for the intellij for getting started with our language.

In this post we will discuss the basics of the ANTLR  and exactly how can we get started with our main goal. What is the lexer, parser and what are their roles and many other things. So lets get started,

Antlr stands for ANother Tool for Language Recognition. The tool is able to generate compiler or interpreter for any computer language. If you need to parse languages like Java , scala, php then this is the thing that you are looking for.
Here is the list of some projects that uses ANTLR.

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