Getting Started Neo4j with Scala : An Introduction

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Earlier we used Relational Database for storing the data but there we store data in predefined table and than we define foreign key for references between tables or rows. We are using this in present time also. Now when we talk about the graph database, we stored data in the nodes. Graph database provides us flexibility to arrange data in easy way. When we transform from Relational Database Management System to Graph Database, Here are some transformation :

  • Table is represented by a label on nodes
  • Row in a entity table is a node
  • Columns on those tables become node properties.
  • Remove technical primary keys, keep business primary keys
  • Add unique constraints for business primary keys, add indexes for frequent lookup attributes
  • Replace foreign keys with relationships to the other table, remove them afterwards
  • Remove data with default values, no need to store those
  • Data in tables that is denormalized…

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Improve Memory Usage and Performance of Application Using Yourkit Profiler

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In this blog we are walking through how to improve performance of application using Yourkit profiler it is  helpful for both Tester and Developers.

Your Kit is big achievement in the evolution of the profiling tools. It is intelligent tools for profiling java , .net and ( JVM support languages)  based applications.

It is often important to check memory usage and memory used per process on servers so that resources do not fall short and users are able to access the server. It is very effective for any application.

Problem Related Issue for any application 

If there is memory related issues that are present in our application it slows down the performance and memory-related problems:

  • Application uses more memory than it should
  • Out of Memory occurs when jvm cannot allocate object because it is out of memory.
  • Memory leaks
  • Application creates a lot of temporary objects

Due to these problems our application leads…

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Akka-http Logging: Logging the Response Time of the Rest API

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Sometimes while developing REST API’s we want to log the response time of  our REST APi for the sake of better tuning. We are going to discuss the same case here and will see how to do that in Akka-http .

So sometime before while I was working on akka-http while developing a spark-akka-http-couchbaseLightbend activator template , a weird use case came in-front of me. I wanted to log each and every request that is made to my server along with the response time that my server took to execute it. I searched for it and found that others are also searching for the same thing. I thought that akka must have  provided something for implementing this (which they probably don’t) , but I didn’t found anything in the documentation , and hence I have to come up with my own  custom solution( just a little hack ! ;)…

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