Four Myths of In-Memory Computing

GridGain - In-Memory Computing

As any fast growing technology In-Memory Computing has attracted a lot of interest and writing in the last couple of years. It’s bound to happen that some of the information gets stale pretty quickly – while other is simply not very accurate to being with. And thus myths are starting to grow and take hold.

I want to talk about some of the misconceptions that we are hearing almost on a daily basis here at GridGain and provide necessary clarification (at least from our our point of view). Being one of the oldest company working in in-memory computing space for the last 7 years we’ve heard and seen all of it by now – and earned a certain amount of perspective on what in-memory computing is and, most importantly, what it isn’t.

In-Memory Computing

Let’s start at… the beginning. What is the in-memory computing? Kirill Sheynkman from RTP Ventures gave…

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Scala – IOT : First basic IOT application using Scala on RaspberryPi

Knoldus Blogs

Let’s start our journey for making the first IoT application to make world a better place 😉
(I would never miss a chance to mock Hooli ! 😉 )

In this blog finally the two technologies SCALA and IOT  will meet and we will be doing these many things in this blog:

  1. Setting up the scala sbt environment on RaspberryPi
  2. Developing your first IOT application using Scala
  3. Deploying the developed application on RaspberryPi.

And finally we are going to achieve this:


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